The preservation of the vitality of a tooth is a priceless capital for oral health and for the long-term preservation of teeth.
Endodontics is the branch that deals with injuries and diseases of the dental pulp (due to caries or trauma) and involves where necessary, the realization of a therapy called root canal treatment or devitalization.

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This procedure consists in removing the dental pulp, disinfect and shape the root canals and to prepare a hermetic filling of the whole endodontic system.
This will remove the bacteria that have invaded the tooth and it prevents recontamination. A therapy not performed correctly, can lead to the persistence of infections that can cause abscesses, granulomas and cysts at the level of the surrounding bone.
Being a devitalized tooth increasingly fragile compared to a vital tooth, often it is necessary to protect the longevity with an inlay or sometimes with a crown.

Endodontic treatment

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