A dental implant is a screw shaped anchoring structure inserted into the bone that can replace dental roots.
At present implants, are made of titanium or zirconia, materials with unique characteristics that allow the bone to adhere to the surface without any intermediate layer. This fusion between implant and bone is called osseointegration. Because of this extreme biocompatibility they do not experience rejection phenomena or hypersensitivity reactions (allergies).

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Implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth with crowns and fixed bridges, or may be used to support whole edentulous jaws. Implants can also be used in combination with removable dentures to make them more stable and comfortable and improve the satisfaction in time.
The advancement of the technologies, techniques and materials have led to make possible the insertion of an implant in virtually any situation and for any patient.
Increasingly widespread, although it is not recommendable in all cases, the practice of immediate implantation allows shortening the time of therapy.
Each intervention needs to be realized in function of a customized treatment plan to optimize costs and benefits. A careful planning and a realization by expert hands are also of a primary importance.

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Immediate implants