Orthodontics has the aim of improving the aesthetics of the smile, the masticatory function of malocclusions, the disorders of growing jaw and the developmental defects of the dentition.

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When it is given to young patients, the objective is to address the growth of the jaws, eliminating those components that impact negatively on the proper development.

In adult patients, the aim is primarily to improve the aesthetic appearance the smile and face.

In the case of patients needing to restore some missing teeth, orthodontics may constitute an essential aid to re-create the optimal conditions.

The therapeutic means are varied and include traditional fixed appliances such as brackets of metal type or aesthetic in ceramic or lingual devices that allow to further reduce the aesthetic impact or finally mobile appliances as plates or removable and transparent aligners.

The orthodontist after making a thorough examination (that includes the execution of photographs, x-rays and impressions) performs a personalized study of the case. With this planning is determined which type of appliance must be used and for how long. An orthodontic treatment can be performed at all ages, and thanks to the new methods is achieved a high level of comfort and aesthetics during the treatment.