Periodontology deals with the study of the periodontium (the tissues surrounding the tooth) and with the study of the treatment of the diseases related to it: gingivitis, periodontitis and gingival recessions.
Special attention is given to patients suffering from these diseases by tight regular controls, specific therapies and sessions of professional oral hygiene.

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During these sessions are performed periodontal probing (to assess the severity of the disease), radiograph and laboratory exams (to search for pathogenic bacteria). Symptoms of periodontal disease are: gums bleeding, tooth mobility, and in some cases pain, suppuration and odor. Not treating these diseases can lead a progressive loss of teeth and impact the overall health of the patient.
A growing body of scientific evidence proves the existence of a strong association with severe diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and lung diseases.

Probing and causal therapy

Surgical treatment

Clinical crown lengthening