Missing teeth can be replaced by fixed or removable prosthesis, obtaining optimal aesthetic and functional results, thanks to new techniques and materials. Restoring proper occlusion can return the lost masticatory efficacy and may prevent associated problems.

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The loss of teeth due to disease and trauma may in fact be associated with: reduced masticatory function, inconfort, tilting of the neighboring teeth to edentulous spaces resulting in the creation of periodontal pockets, chewing and digestive disorders, muscle and joint pain.
Each prosthetic solution should be individualized, planned in detail and integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan that respects the wishes of the patient.

Fixed prosthodontics

It allows to reconstruct teeth severely destroyed by caries or replace missing dental elements, by means of prostheses fixed to the teeth commonly called crowns, onlays (in the case of a single tooth), or bridges (to replace missing teeth).
A fixed prosthesis is cemented on natural teeth and therefore cannot be removed from the mouth. The materials most used are metal and ceramic, for their aesthetic characteristics, hardness and stability over time.
An additional aesthetic demand can today be met, thanks to the realization of full ceramic crowns that can meet aesthetic requirements and with a more biological result almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Indirect posterior restoration / onlay

Indirect anterior restoration / veneer

Anterior crown

Posterior crown

Digital restoration

Complex rehabilitation